There is no elevator to success, only stairs.

Our pre-expedition training weekends, run by Love Adventures, provide team members with important information and skills that will enhance your overall experience of your trip.  As well as providing us with an opportunity to discuss with you and assess and reconfirm your suitability for the expedition, it is also the perfect opportunity to meet us, your other team mates, ask us any questions and find out more about your trip.

A number of training weekends will be held throughout the year and the cost of you attending one of these weekends is included in your expedition cost (excluding camping equipment and transport).  During the weekend you will be assessed on your suitability for the expedition.  

The weekend will be based in Snowdonia in Wales and will take the format of a full day's walking on Saturday.  In the evening we will gather for dinner and wild-camp.  After a few hours rest, you will wake up for a night ascent in the early hours of Sunday morning and continue walking till midday on Sunday when you will be free to go at your leisure!  

Accommodation for Friday night in a bunkhouse will be included.  Additional details and dates of the weekend will be provided shortly after booking.

We look forward to meeting you on the weekend!